We look forward to welcoming you to the Restaurant du Liban.


With our fantastic food and great atmosphere we think you'll have a great time - but don't just take our word for it ...


Hubbly Bubbly Bar"This would be like any ordinary Lebanese restaruant, with good food, and a whole host of vegetarian options to boot. There are speciality beers as you might expect, with traditional Arak (it's a bit like Ouso) for those who want the full experience. But, add one curvaceous and alluring belly-dancer, a lot of over sized bongs to smoke flavoured tobacco and a flamboyant and buzzing atmosphere, and you feel like you're abroad. Meal for two: £24, Laham Mashwi (tender lamb with onion & ..."

NEW STATESMAN January 2001

BEE WILSON on Oxford's tasty Morsels.

"By some strange cultural coincidence, there are now no fewer than half a dozen places serving Lebanese food in Oxford. This city of Morse-frequented, darkened pubs is now a Mecca for spinach triangles and curd-filled crescents. I can't really explain why this Lebanese invasion should have happened, but it is undoubtedly a good thing, for residents and restaurateurs alike ...
...The atmosphere is more Rakish at Liban, a restaurant upstairs from Boswell's department store. Our first sight on enetering was of a man reclining on a sofa smoking with a hubbly-bubbly ...
... the Lebanese menu is ambitious, including several dishes with thyme, the nation's favourite herb. Hoummos here is unusually smooth and comes decorated with whole chick peas, a pleasing touch. Also memorable is farkeh, patties of fresh raw minced lamb, flavoured with all-spice and decorated with mint leaves and radishes. Crudites come with two sauces, one of mild chilli and the other of a smooth, garlicky yoghurt so good we ate it all ... the service is excellent, as one might expect."




Why not try Belly Dancing?"This fantastic restaurant is hidden away, up some stairs on the Broad Street side of Waterstones ...

... the staff are incredibly friendly and are determined to ensure that you have a great evening. We opted to trust the waiter and allowed him to order us a selection of Lebanese dishes from the menu. For someone who can be prudish about her food (I generally find one dish I like and never deviate) this was a brave decision. I have never indulged in such a feast! The dishes just kept on coming. Rice wrapped in vine leaves, humus, aubergine humus, we were fighting each other off to to slather this all over bread, runner beans, filo pastries. The little mini sausages were mouth watering and the lamb was excellent, and that's not just the Ouzo talking. I was surprised.
There is a wide selection on the menu which caters for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. the wine list provides for every pocket. The Lebanese selection was extensive and the bottle of red we sampled was good. The food was fab, the wine not bad, but what of the entertainment? For £5 you can order 'Hubbly Bubblies'. These are authentic bong type contraptions with long hooker pipes ...
... The
real entertainment was the curvaceous and exceptionally brave belly dancer who wiggled and jostled her way around the room... This is a great restaurant for a fun night out. There were couples, though this isn't the restaurant for romance and lingering looks. It is ideal for a birthday or simply getting a group of friends together for one hell of a laugh."

UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD Public Relations Dept

"Dear Nasser,

We have just returned from our lunch at your restaurant and I write on behalf of us all to say thank you both to you, the chef and your staff because we all enjoyed both the delicious food, the attentive service, the atmosphere and your generosity. Some amongst the party had not eaten Lebanese food before, but I feel confident they are converts now! Also thank you from Wendy for providing here with a special selection of Mezzes.
With best wishes to you and all your staff for your Christmastime with family and friends.
Most sincerely, Diana Naumann, Events Office."



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